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In “Who Moved My Cheese PDF?” I think the author seeks to show that, in life, one can attain its cheese (taking into account that would be everything that the human being wants to progress in personal, professional and even economic) but to reach it, you must overcome obstacles that can get in the way.

Arguably, in who moved my cheese, Johnson shows us the importance of accepting and cope with change, understand positively to lead us to new opportunities.


Oli: It’s observer detects the change before it manifests and makes decisions quickly.
Ran: It is active, not think about the possibilities of a decision and is persistent.
The Lilliputians:

But like mice closely resemble human feelings
Kif: He refuses to change for fear of making the wrong decision.

Kof: At the beginning of the story, found it difficult to adapt to change, but he knew overcome the fear of making mistakes. Then he was changing, he learned to make decisions quickly, persevere and take the problems with humor.

This book seeks to teach us not to faint on the way to our goals and never lose enthusiasm for more than the difficulty overwhelm us and make us think and enter fears that only lead us to our end. Always be alert and prepared to changes that occur in our lives and bring this knowledge to anticipate and smell our “cheese” to know when it starts to decompose, ie we must always properly manage our lives and observe possible changes that may occur, then not seeing surprised by some sudden and unpleasant change. We must also learn to recognize our mistakes and laugh at ourselves, because there is no better way to overcome our fears and eliminate our negativity.

We must not get used to the easy, or lose the same interest or enthusiasm with which we started to find our target, as this could change suddenly and we would fall into a desperate situation.

We must adapt to changes and lose the fear of them. Saber expected not to be surprised by a nasty chance to change.

Who Moved My Cheese PDF download? It is a story that is about change and how to address it. In a maze live Sniff and Scurry, two mice, and Hem and Haw two Lilliputians. These characters are very different and represent prototypes of human characters with which, in reading the book, one can identify many people we know.

who moved my cheese pdf download

The lives of the four characters in the story is governed by the daily struggle for food that keeps them alive: Who Moved My Cheese PDF. Thus, each day the four face an uphill race to find the precious food to survive.

Finds an immeasurable amount of cheese, which the Lilliputians decide to get it to live in that place to not have to be every day running to meet him. These two characters live and enjoy the proximity to the source of life they found, while the other two characters, the mice continue seeking and living the same routine they have from birth: free daily serving of cheese, living in the same room for the duration of the loot found.

The drama begins when one morning the cheese is completed, the mice have not returned and the Lilliputians are perplexed and desolate in such a situation and mood begins to sag.

Thus, although it seems very childish, this story teaches us to adapt to the changes that our existence depends. It is a story full of situations in which Spencer Johnson shows us how to fight the problems that we live in a world where the only constant is change. In addition, the author presents a very interesting view of the fear that the man has to change and the consequences that brings rigged.

The cheese in this book can be seen as anything you have or aspire to have in life, from work to a relationship. The teaching of the story is how to react when that precious thing disappears and our life seems to be the same and we got to feel so unhappy.

It is a very good book I reread from time to time. It is very agile and entertaining, short and very well told. It gives an alternative view of the problems and adverse situations in which we live daily. I recommend it.

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